TechMeetup Glasgow: Lightning Talks

TechMeetup Glasgow returns this Wednesday. As always I will be in attendance. This month features another round of lightning talks, featuring:

Gary Fleming, Graeme West, Craig Nicol, Sam England, Steven Grant, Rohan Gunatillake

For those not familiar with lightning talks, each presenter gets 20 slides and has 20 seconds to present each slide before they advance automatically.

TechMeetup is made possible by the amazing financial support from the University of Glasgow, Neo, and SkyScanner.

See you on the 28th of August, 2013 at 6.30pm.
5th Floor
School of Computing
18 Lilybank Gardens
G12 8QQ
by Hillhead Underground
Glasgow Westend

For queries email Ijonas Kisselbach (

About TechMeetup Glasgow:
TechMeetup Glasgow is the “west coast chapter” of TechMeetup, Scotland’s finest  monthly tech gathering. We talk about technology, design, code, mobile apps, web apps, social networking and the ecosystem they form.

TechMeetup has been run in Glasgow since April 2009 and draws a good crowd of nice folk and great speakers – held together by the magic of pizza and beer.

TechMeetup is held in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

As always we will be in Brel afterwards for a few beers. For more information visit or follow @techmeetup on Twitter.