Techmeetup Glasgow: January 2014

With the start to the new year, Techmeetup Glasgow is back after its 2 month hiatus. Due to a double booking this month it will take place on Thursday rather than the usual Wednesday but will still take place in Glasgow University.

The talks this month:

Nima Montazeri from ThoughtWorks on Transport Network Route Finding Using A Time Dependant Graph
Nima will share his experiences of building a route finding application for Manchester’s Metrolink system ( using open data (GTFS) and graph database technology (Neo4j). He will touch on the data he had to work with, the modelling process (successes and failures), and the importance of time in the model.Thanks to our sponsors Neo, SkyScanner and Glasgow University for making the event possible.

Andrew Fowler from Skyscanner on Test Automation: Evaluating a convergent approach for web and native apps
Within Skyscanner we have been investigating how we could move from a dual automation approach (two different technology stacks, two different engineering technology skill sets, one which is focussed on native apps, one which is focussed on web) towards a convergent tooling stack and approach.
This presentation would include a demonstration of a prototype framework running across real devices and genymotion emulation for mobile and a direct comparison of code constructs across Mobile and Web implementations.


As usual, I will be around for further discussion and drinks afterwards.